Helping African AgriBusinesses

We take pride investing in and supporting African entrepreneurs that have a niche in agriculture, agritech, and food tech.

At One Capital, we’re committed to the growth of your agribusiness.

Are you looking for a company that will believe in you and be committed to the exponential growth of your agribusiness? You need to work with a company that is reliable, knowledgeable, and 100% committed to the success of your company -- that’s One Capital.

We invest in feasible and innovative agribusiness enterprises across africa

Our investment philosophy is rooted in facilitating trade between African agricultural businesses and global markets. We connect African entrepreneurs to markets and also funding to grow their business.

who we are

We are a UAE-based international trade and investment company geared towards providing african agribusinesses with a global market and funding to grow.

Our Approach

We invest in companies requiring international trade linkages, early investment and growth capital that have the potential to become global champions.

Get funding & support for your agribusiness.

Do you have an innovative or scalable agribusiness that will address national, regional, or global food insecurity? Do you own an agribusiness that can supply processed products to the global market? Then sign up today and we’ll give you a call...

More than just investing,
Growth in many ways

Explore topics, trends and ideas that affect the African Agribusiness Ecosystem from the eyes of our experts.

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Careers at One Capital

If you have a passion for the investment industry and want to be a part of a company that is actively fostering the growth of agricultural-based companies in Africa, apply to one of our open positions today.